New Name, New Direction

After a small hiatus, we are now back up and running.
Those more astute of you, will have noticed the new banner and the new name of the company. We are no longer Krazy Pengwin Games, we are now known as Krazy Pengwin. This is to reflect the new direction the business is taking. It appears that we are producing more applications, rather than games, so in line with that, we have dropped the Games part of the name.
More news, we have also now relocated to England. Due to recent events, Krazy Pengwin is now based in Worcestershire, but will continue on as before.
We also have some sad news. Red Waif is no longer a part of the Krazy Pengwin family. During her time with us, she proved invaluable with business matters and marketing ideas, but she has now moved on to pastures new. We wish Red Waif all the best for the future.

iOS, Here We Come

We are now in the position to start producing applications and games for the iOS platform. This means that we will be able to offer you game for iPad and iPhone. All being well, the first of our iOS games should be available next week.

Colour Code Generator 1.1

A new version of Colour Code Generator has just been submitted to the Mac App Store. This version fixes an issue where updates to the profiles were not being synchronised between the menu and the profiles list box in the preferences window.

Colour Code Generator Released

Our latest developers tool, Colour Code Generator, is now available from the Apple Mac Store.
This small, yet very useful, application allows you to very quickly insert colour codes into your project. It can also store profiles, so you will always know that you have the correct colours, regardless of the development system being used.
For more information, click here.

Image Slicer And Stitcher Updates

Two updates in one here.
I was using Image Slicer and realised that the images exported were not necessarily numbered in the correct order. This has now been addressed in version 1.2, now available on the App Store.
Image Stitcher now has editable text boxes, which will speed things up even further for people, and I have also added a BMP export option. Version 1.1 of Image Stitcher has been submitted to the Store and should be available in a few days.
I am nearing completion of the Colour Code Generator. I hope to have it submitted to the App Store for review by the end of the week. When I’m nearer the release date, I will give more details about this new app.